Knights Point K-8 School

About the Project

We are thrilled to announce our involvement in the Knights Point K-8 project, a cutting-edge educational facility designed to provide a superior learning environment for the next generation. This project features a new three-story classroom building and a single-story detached P.E pavilion, with a focus on modern, energy-efficient electrical systems that enhance safety, functionality, and sustainability.

Building 1: The Academic Hub

  • Size: 144,587 SF
  • Stories: 3

Building 1 is the core of Knights Point K-8, housing classrooms, administrative offices, dining and kitchen areas, a media center, a gymnasium with locker rooms, and specialized rooms such as the band and art rooms. Our electrical systems are designed to support the diverse needs of these spaces, ensuring optimal lighting, power distribution, and safety.

Building 2: The P.E Pavilion

  • Size: 1,369 SF
  • Stories: 1

The single-story P.E pavilion is dedicated to physical education, with electrical systems tailored to support indoor and outdoor activities, including lighting for basketball courts and the playground.

Key Electrical Features

We have installed energy-efficient LED lighting throughout both buildings, providing bright, clear illumination while significantly reducing energy consumption and maintenance costs. Motion sensors systems further enhance energy savings by adjusting lighting based on occupancy.

Our power distribution system ensures a reliable and safe power supply to all areas of the school, including classrooms, offices, and specialized facilities like the media center and kitchen. Backup generators are in place to provide power during outages.

Safety is paramount in educational settings. We have integrated fire alarm and emergency lighting systems throughout the campus. Additionally, comprehensive security systems, including surveillance cameras and access control, are installed to enhance safety of students, staff, and property.

At Terry’s Electric, we are proud to contribute to the Knights Point K-8 project, setting a new standard for electrical systems in educational facilities. Our commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability is reflected in every aspect of this project, from design to execution.

Project Details


Wharton-Smith, Inc.


Osceola County

project type:


Completion Date:



18 months

Square Footage

146,000 SF


Visit his link to view Knights Point Schools website:

It’s approximately 146,000 Square Feet.

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